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Welcome to the RLC Digital Library

The RLC Digital Library is a searchable pay-per-view archive containing digital images of a number of documents and books held in the Corps Library and also in the Museum.  It currently contains the Gazettes and Journals from the Corps which merged to form The Royal Logistic Corps in 1993, some Enlistment Books (currently onl;y RASC) dating from 1920 onwards, and vehicle reocrds.  More material will be added over time. All items in the library can be viewed online. The main items available are summarised below. 

We also have some free resources which can be accessed from the drop-down menu which appears when the mouse hovers over "Home".  These include some brief histories of the Forming Corps, and, under "Research Aids", a searchable list of First World War RASC Companies, and Kings Regulations for 1935, with amendments to 1937.

Various searches are available - click on the "Search" link above to see them. Alternatively you can browse Journals page by page. Once you have found an item of interest, you can view it online.

Land rover NEW! - we now have some vehicle records available to view.  More details Lorry


Royal Army Service Corps Badge

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Royal Army Service Corps

  • Journals (1891 - 1993)
  • Quarterlies/Reviews (1905 - 1914 & 1920 - 1965)
  • The Radiator (1916 - 1919)
  • Enlistment Books (for enlistments 1920 onwards with updates to 1952) [Army nos. 1 - 57000],excluding 50001-51000
  • Vehicle records
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Royal Army Ordnance Corps

  • Gazettes (1906 - 1914)
  • Workshop Gazettes (1916 - 1918)
  • Enlistment Books (for enlistments 1920 onwards with updates to 1946) [Army nos. 7574000 - 7581500]
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Royal Pioneer Corps

  • Journals (1943, 1945 - 1993)
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Army Catering Corps

  • Journals (1947 - 1993)