The RLC Digital Archive

The digital archive contains all the Journals and Gazettes produced by the Forming Corps up to 1993, some vehicle records, enlistment books and photographs.  It also contains some of the ASC Quarterlies and Reviews.

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All items in the archive can be viewed on-line on a pay-per-view basis, and the archive is searchable.  Please click on one of the links to see details of prices, or of Terms & Conditions


Journals/Gazettes in this archive cover the period from the late 19th century to the formation of The Royal Logistic Corps in April, 1993, and beyond to 2001. The Journals provide details of operations, exercises, unit news and Corps sport, and are a useful research resource. More details


All the Enlistment books for the (R)ASC and (R)AOC held at the RLC Museum have been digitised. They cover a period from around 1920 up to the mid 1930's, although there are some entries as late as 1954.  The Enlistment Books are searchable by name and by Army Number. The information contained in the enlistment books include service number, name, some personal details and a brief service record. More details


Col John Starling has done an excellent job in summarising around 1,100 war diaries from WW2, and these extracts are now available to view on-line. They can be accessed by searching by search word, or for a unit. We are very grateful for Col Starling's permission to publish his work.

B-Vehicle data cards

Key cards

Contract ledger


The Vehicle records that the Museum holds and have been digitised and are available on the web site are :-

  • Vehicle history cards which cover records for 4,000 trailers in service from the 1930's up to 1961
  • 'Key cards No. 2' which were used from 1948 until the 1960's. These contain less information than the B Vehicle data cards, but are useful because of their early date, and because they are the only record linking the WW2 WD number to the ERM
  • 'B' Vehicle data cards which cover records for 209,000 soft skinned vehicles entering service from the 1940's to the 1980's.
  • 'Vehicle Key cards' which we believe were used from the late 1960's onwards - the Museum holds information for only 1,000 vehciles on these
  • Contract ledgers, which contain details of purchase contracts for vehicles from 1939 until 1974. They can be searched from the Vehicle search page.
  • A few Vehicle manuals have been digitised and can be accessed by using the Search the whole archive.


We are in the process of digitising the thousands of photographs held by the RLC Museum. These vary from formal group photographs, events and parades to informal celebrations. Those that have been digitised can be searched from the photograph search page.

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