Taking Stock - celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the ACC

This booklet contains a brief history of catering in the British Army. It was published in 2001 on the 60th anniversary of the founding the Army Catering Corps, and is published here with permission from the Corps.

The booklet can be viewed on line without charge from this web site, or can be downloaded from this link.

The booklet summarises the early days of catering in the Army, and explains the events that lead to the formation of the Army Catering Corps in 1941. During the Second World War the Corps became increasingly professional, with a corresponding boost to soldier morale. However, after the war up to the 1960's many of the cooks were National Servicemen who were poorly motivated, lacked a career structure or much incentive for them to remain as regualr soldiers. When the British Army was reorganised to an all-regular force, the ACC once again became much more effective.

The booklet lists the main events and dates in this unfolding history. It also has a list of the leading Colonels and Directors between 1941 and 1993, and many other interesting facts about the ACC.



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