ASC Companies in World War I (1914 - 1918)

Horse-drawn transport in WW1

At the start of World War I there were only 6,500 men in the Army Service Corps but this had grown to 325,000 by the end of the war. During this time the ASC was comprised of over one thousand companies and other units.  Throughout the conflict many new ASC Companies were formed and then disbanded or merged with other Companies at the end of the War. Tracing these Companies and understanding their role can be difficult, so on this page we are publishing what the Archivist at the RLC Museum has been able to establish. The information is currently incomplete so if you can help by adding to it please contact us telling us what you know - we will be very grateful for any assistance.

In addition to the theatre/role of each company is its date of formation, unit recognition signs (where known), date of disbandment or merger, and a reference to the location of the War Diaries at The National Archives (TNA).

You can search for information from this page. In a few cases one number (or occasionally, name) references more than one company, so to find these please just enter a part of the number (or name) and then select the company from the list provided. You may also like to search by Theatre, which will give you a list of ASC Companies which served as part of a Brigade or Division - again just enter a number or name to see the results.

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