NATO Asset codes

For fairly obvious reason. NATO has devised a system to identify any military asset, and that of course includes vehicles. These first appeared on B Vehicle data cards in the top right hand corner as a group of two four digit numbers. For example, the code for a General Service Landrover 8 was 1625 0757. This coding system has now been extended by adding two letters to the beginning of the asset code, and each item now has a NATO Stock Number ('NSN').

The RLC Museum holds a NATO publication dating from 1966 which lists the asset codes that were in use at that time, and that doument can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Further, in a recent Freedom of Information request (2017) the MOD issues a list of current Asset Codes. It is not very detailed (presumably for security reasons), and can be downloaded by clicking this link.

In the same Freedom of Information request the MOD provided more information on the classification of vehicles, as follows.

The following definitions may also be helpful:

  • A Vehicle: Armoured Fighting Vehicle.
  • B Vehicle: (Green fleet) A soft skinned tracked or wheeled land use vehicle, self-propelled or towed, commercial or general service, which is not primarily designed for offensive purposes but which may in some cases be armoured for defensive purposes, and which is not otherwise specifically defined.
  • C Vehicle: A wheeled or tracked item of earth moving equipment, either self-propelled or towed; all self-mobile, self-steering, purpose-made cranes, cable laying ploughs; all industrial and agricultural tractors and rough terrain fork lift tractors excluding warehouse tractors.

The MOD prime asset register for Registered Number Equipment (RNE) is a management information system known as JAMES. RNE is a term used to cover all assets that have an Equipment Registration Mark also known as a number plate: primarily vehicles but can also apply to other assets such as trailers, box bodies, generators and water craft. More information is available from the JAMES Portal website: In particular, you may find the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) useful. These can be found at :

An earlier FOI Request (2015) elicited a list of 'A' Vehicle Asset codes, which can be downloaded by clicking this link.


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