The purpose of this web site is to enable you to conduct your own historical research on matters concerning The Royal Logistic Corps and its Forming Corps. If you cannot find what you are looking for please Contact us and we will do our best to help you. Don't be bashful - your requests inform us what you want, and this will help us plan what other material to add.

What are the contents of the web site?
The web site currently contains images of Gazettes and Journals from the Forming Corps and some technical material (e.g. RASC Quarterlies). There also extracts from the war diaries for the RPC, some enlistment books, vehicle manuals, and so on.  There are more details in the sections on the drop down list under "Home" on the Forming Corps (RASC, RAOC, RPC, ACC ). These are all searchable, so to find what you want use the search page. However, please bear in mind that the searchable text is computer generated, so will not be 100% accurate.

To give you some idea of the material on the web site please click on the links below to view some sample pages (they will open in a new window - when you have finished looking at an image, just close the window). The images are all bitonal as this helps to reduce their size and prevents long delays whilst large images download.

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ASC/RASC Quarterlies and RASC Reviews : Oct, 1905Nov, 19371964.

Vehicle records
We also have around 500,000 vehicle records on the site of vehicles which have been used by one of the Forming Corps. These can be accessed from the "Vehicle" item on the toolbar which only appears when you have logged on using the user name you have registered with us. More details. To find a vehicle you will need to know its ERM. The cost of a vehicle record is £35.

If you do not know the ERM of your vehicle, then we may be able to locate the record from your vehicle chassis number.  The charge for conducting the research to locate your vehicle record by chassis number is £10 and this fee is non-returnable. If we can locate your record, then we will inform you of its ERM by Email. This will enable you to download your vehicle record as explained above once you have paid the  vehicle record fee of £35.

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