B Vehicle Data Cards

The data on the card usually includes the following:-

  • ERM ('Equipment Registration Mark') is the original vehicle registration Mark
  • Make is the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Chassis number is self-explanatory
  • Asset Code is the vehicle's NATO Designation Code (more details)
  • Contract number referers to various contracts under which the vehicle was acquired or fitted out
  • Designation is the agreed description of the vehicle, which was standardised across NATO
  • DIS ('Date into service') is the date on which the vehicle entered service
  • ARN - a code which references the vehicle make, type and state of modification. Later it became known as Equipment Identification Number ('EIN') and appears on later cards as such
  • UIN (Unit Identification Number) records which service unit is responsible for the vehicle

In addition, movements of vehicle between units are also recorded, with a date, a location, and usually some reference to the voucher authorising the move. We have listed some of the acronyms used on the cards in the Help section, and also listed the colour codes used.

For some vehicles where there were a large number of movements between units, the movements continue on the reverse of the vehicle record card.  Also, on occasion, there are duplicate record cards, and where these exist both the original and the duplicate cards are displayed (no additionalo charge is made for the duplicate record cards).



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sample vehicle record card

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