Vehicle History Cards

These are the earliest cards in the collection. They come in a variety of formats, some with punched holes around the perimeter. These punched holes were used in combination with metal rods as a primitive search mechanism to enable all the cards for a specific type of vehicle to be quickly located. The data on the card usually includes the following:-

  • WD No. (War Department Number), often known as the bonnet number as it was stencille on the outside of the vehicle
  • ERM ('Equipment Registration Mark') is the vehicle registration Mark allocated in 1949 when the use of WD Bo. ceased
  • Make is the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Chassis number is self-explanatory
  • Contract number referers to various contracts under which the vehicle was acquired or fitted out
  • Designation is the agreed description of the vehicle
  • Date into received into service is self-explanatory

In addition, movements of vehicle between units are also recorded, with a date, a location, and usually some reference to the voucher authorising the move.



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sample vehicle record card

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