Vehicle data post 1989

The data held in the MERLIN database included the following:-

  • ERM ('Equipment Registration Mark') is the original vehicle registration Mark
  • Asset Code is the vehicle's NATO Designation Code
  • Designation is the agreed description of the vehicle, which was standardised across NATO
  • Holding UIN is the MOD code for the unit to which the vehicle is currently attached. This is blank if the vehicle is no longer in service
  • Unit title is the name (in plain English) of the holding unit
  • Chassis number is self-explanatory
  • Engine number is self-explanatory
  • Contract number refers to the contract under which the vehicle was acquired or fitted out
  • Colour is self-explanatory
  • Date into service is the date on which the vehicle entered service
  • Cast date is the date that the vehicle was removed ('cast from') the vehicle census, and thus no longer available for service
  • Movement history records the units where the vehicle saw service
    • RIV no. is the authority to move the vehicle from a unit
    • RIV date is the date of that authority
    • UIN is the unit code for the receiving unit
    • Unti title is the name if the unit in p-lain English
    • RCP no. is the authority to receive the vehicle into a new unit
    • RCP date is the date of that authority


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