New Subscriptions have been withdrawn pending the launch of the new RLC Museum website. Existing subscriptions and pay-per-view vouchers will be honoured

Pay-per-view credits are available for a limited number of page views to view everything on the web site except Vehicle records and photographs. Price per page view is 25p, and the minimum voucher value is £5.  To purchase Pay-per-view credits enter the value in £ that you wish to purchase, and click on the "Purchase Pay-per-view Credits" button. Please note that Enlistment Book pages are charged at 3 page views per image, and RPC War Diaries at 4 page views per image.

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Col John Starling has done an excellent job in extracting a summary of the WW2 War Diaries of around 1,100 Royal Pioneer Corps Companies.

The extract from the WW2 RPC War Diaries for an RPC company can be viewed using a subscription, a page view voucher (at £0.25 per page), or downloaded as a single PDF document for each company. Each page of a War Diary is charged at 4 page views when a page view voucher is used. The fee for downloading a Company War Diary is £3.50.

Vehicle records can be downloaded. We have digitised 210,000 vehicle record cards and 16,000 Key Cards held at the RLC Museum, and various other record cards and maintenance records - these can be accessed by the Equipment Registration Mark ('ERM') for a fee of £35.00. Go to Vehicle record search to see whether we hold any records for your vehicle.

If you do not know the ERM, we may still be able to find your vehicle record by chassis number. There is a non-returnable fee of £10.00 to commission this research. To submit a request for research, please visit Vehicle record search

Photographs can be downloaded for between £7.50 and £20.00 depending on size and format. Please use the photograph search to find an individual photograph of interest, and then - as photographs are individually priced -  place an order to find its price.

Research packages are available for those of you who wish to use this web site to do research for others. These should be purchased even if you are not being paid for your research - for example, if you plan to do "look ups" for other people (please see our Terms and Conditions). Research packages are based on pay-per-view credits at 5p per credit, with a minimum of 2,500 page views (£125).

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