Reserve Unit Histories

(ASC/RASC/RCT and RLC TF, TA, TAVR and Army Reserve)

The history of standing armies and their reserves go back many centuries and their stories are often intertwined. Indeed, two Army Reserve regiments can trace their history back to the mid 14th century. However, when it comes to writing their histories, the units of the standing army (Regular) are often more assiduous in respect of this task. Where military histories are written, at whatever level, they tend to concentrate on the high level and or the Regular Army components and then only the "teeth arm" units. If the Reserves are mentioned at all, it is done using the briefest of terms.

Hence, with the help and encouragement of the members of The Waggon Club we have embarked on the collection of existing unit histories which, although well researched and written, have not been published or publicised. A number of Waggon Club members are authors of unit histories as is WOII Derek Donald (Retired) formerly of 280 MC Sqn RCT(V).

In addition, we are attempting to persuade serving and or retired members of the Army Reserve RLC to write a history of the unit in which they serve(d). The history of the Reserve as we now know it spans just over 100 years, and it is fortunate that the histories that do exist were created at a time when the survivors of both World Wars were with us and were able to share their memories, experiences and photographs. So now is the time to turn to our comrades and ask that they approach those who served in World War II and Korea etc., with a view to record suitable information for unit histories and for posterity.

The unit histories which can be viewed free of charge on this web site are shown below. Click on this link  and search the free resources, or click on one ot the titles below.

Some of these histories are completed stories, albeit between certain dates, but are not necessarily up-to-the-minute. Other histories are a work in progress and will be added to, amended or changed in some other manner as time goes by. The most important aspect of this project is to record, in some detail, the activities and work of the reserve units of the Territorial Force, Territorial Army and the Army Reserve RLC (mainly ASC/RASC/RCT/RLC) over the past 100 plus years. We must not forget their contribution to our society and of the people who served in or with these units who breathed life into what otherwise would have been a dusty file of papers left on a shelf. A by product of all this activity is to provide future historians with research material.

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